Our Story

Gemstones bring a rarity on their value. For some of us it’s their sparkle, colour, shape and size, which attract our eye. For others its what is in the meaning that’s rewarding, what it symbolises.

For each of us being individuals, what is so lovely about you choosing a gemstone is what it means to you.
Each of our gems has a story, a wealth of history and a wonderful past. All our gems are beautifully cut to precision with a wide range to choose from to suit your desired stone preference depending what the gemstone would have meaning to you.

Gems have a sentimental value of their own and being a stunning fashion accessory each piece is crafted individually with love, value and meaning. Choosing your gem is when your story begins. It may be for yourself. It maybe from a loved one demonstrating their love for you or you to them. It may symbolise a reward for getting through a private part of your life or your love one’s life. It may be a gift to someone special or a family member or daughter. It maybe a beautiful engagement or marriage proposal stone or an anniversary gift. Whatever is your story then our gems will fulfill that wish.

Wearing a beautiful gemstone is special in itself. Make our gem part of your story and part of your future.