Unique designer rings crafted in New Zealand using beautiful gems from all over the world.

A love for jewellery has turned into a love of creating our own

Our vision is to deliver to you spectacular stones, in the highest quality material and standard in a beautiful bespoke designer piece for you to truly love, enjoy and be meaningful to you forever.

Our master gem cutter is one of the very few people in New Zealand who can cut gems of this high quality design and it is only through his love for gems has his master workmanship been sought after by jewellers throughout New Zealand.

Each unique stone is carefully created into a style of cut specific to that stone in order to enhance its quality, beauty and captivating sparkle.

Our selection

By choosing a gemstone you are able to create a stunning spectacular piece, maybe larger than you ever dreamed of, accentuating and enhancing its beauty.

View our beautiful selection of gemstones available from our own unique collection or depending on availability, we can also source your favourite stone and cut the shape you desire. We have also designed a range of our very own unique custom one-off pieces, which we can further customise with a range of precious metals or by adding more diamonds and gems to any design you love.

Our production

From our master gem cutter, creative designer, casting pattern designer, jeweller and setter through to the polished end result, we ensure are the highest quality craftsmen caring for your precious piece of jewellery.

We use the highest quality and standard of 9ct and 18ct white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. We also design our own collection of fashion rings using the highest grade in sterling silver. Our diamonds are meticulously examined and chosen for exceptional cut, symmetry and brilliance for unparalleled quality. Each piece is personally designed with GemCAD software, ensuring it is accurately cast, cabochon, faceted, hand assembled and then hand polished and set by our fabulous craftsman here in Auckland.

Stone design Cuts: Hellio, Simply X’D’, Antique Brilliant, ‘Light House’, Diamond Perception, Pear, Heart, Tear Drop, Brilliant Cuts, Royal, Sweetheart, Triangular, Rectangular, Marquise, Square.